The DOS Multiplayer Archive / Frag Again!



Here at the DOS Multiplayer Archive, we realize that community is very important. Therefore we have enabled a couple of options to let you all get to know each other better.

IPX Server

Within DOSBox there is an Internet enabled IPX Server/Client emulation function. We have enabled a dedicated IPX server at the DOS Multiplayer Archive.

To connect to this server with IPX enabled in DOSBOX please do the following:

      ipxnet connect

Thats all! You and your friends should be able to host and join any IPX enabled game over the Internet without having to worry about ports!

Bulletin Board

For more indepth discussions, please feel free to use our dedicated bulletin board system] - this will return soon.

Internet Relay Chat

We have provided a real time chat through IRC, you can either connect to the web chat option below or #LandOfNas on